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Quick Squeeze Page Creation

Nothing starts online without a List. Traffic is getting harder and harder to get and if want to maximize your return on investment you must have a List.
It all starts with converting your visitors into subscribers by providing value upfront rather than going for the immediate sale.
How do you do that? Quickly Setup an Optin page/Squeeze page. Here is how you can do it with Market Pro Max
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Nope SEO is NOT Dead

Here is a video response to the questions I received about the recent Google changes and how they affect Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, no need to panic, SEO is not dead and yes Backlinks do still matter, A LOT!

PS: My iMac did not really explode just a little overheated that’s all..

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Authority Engineering

Here is the answer to a question I received from one of my subscribers. What can you do on your site to better position yourself as an authority in your market?

I have shot this video while on Holidays with some tips you can use on your site. Remember, if you have any questions you want answered, just leave a comment below, I’ll review them all and reply to them all personally.

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The Protected Email Bonus Strategy

Here is a cool strategy that is working well. This little trick will allow you to make your subscribers feel very special about being on your list.

It will also increase your conversion rate and the value of your offer.

Check out the video below for all the details. You’ll be surprised how simple this is but as always, not many people are doing this… This is Good for you!

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New! Google Plus Pages

Brand spanking new from Google, you can now create and manage a google+ page.

It’s very similar to the facebook pages you are familiar with and you can quickly set one up for your business.

When created, you will be able to represent your brand in the Google plus social network and engage with your customers. There are as well some SEO benefits to keep in mind and Local Businesses definitely need to look into this.

In this video I show you how to set everything up and you will be able to find some useful links below.

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The official Google Blog post: Click Here
Good Ressource from Search Engine Land: Click Here

Any comment or Question, go ahead and leave them below!

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