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General Stuff

My Setup…


Now that FB has relaxed about it’s auto posting spread rules, this is the setup I’ll start using.

I will be testing out the rss integration from blog to FB and monitor it’s impact.

G+ is still the question mark when it comes to integration….

Seriously…What are they waiting for…

New! Google Plus Pages

Brand spanking new from Google, you can now create and manage a google+ page.

It’s very similar to the facebook pages you are familiar with and you can quickly set one up for your business.

When created, you will be able to represent your brand in the Google plus social network and engage with your customers. There are as well some SEO benefits to keep in mind and Local Businesses definitely need to look into this.

In this video I show you how to set everything up and you will be able to find some useful links below.

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The official Google Blog post: Click Here
Good Ressource from Search Engine Land: Click Here

Any comment or Question, go ahead and leave them below!

Google Reader Hotness

Google just released the new version of Google Reader and it is… Awesome.

Not really sure why some people are whining about it or giving it a bad wrap but I like it.

If you want to know what is going on in your market, you have to be using Google Reader, here is how

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Any comment or Question, go ahead and leave them below!

Awesome Screenflow3

A little walkthrough of the new Screenflow3 Features. I love this app and use it everyday. Highly recommend it to everyone.

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Here is the link to get Screenflow 3: Click Here

Adapt or Die

Things are moving fast in the SEO world. Google+ this, Google+ that. Here are 2 Action steps on how to prepare your site for what’s coming

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