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General Stuff

Why we work so hard

I love this add from Corona playing at the ASP Quiksilver Pro Goldcoast.

“from where you’d rather be” – Brilliant!


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Ready for Sale!

Super pumped about it. It will be huge!


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Unboxing Promise Pegasus R4

Ever since Apple announced the addition of the Thunderbolt ports to the iMacs I have been eagerly waiting to get my hands on the awesome Promise Pegasus R4 four bay drive.

Not sure if you have this problem too but my 1T and 2T external usb hard drives…I know… just slow down the system and have been driving me nuts for the past year.

I finally got the Pegasus R4 today, here is the unboxing fresh from the Apple Store

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Epic 2012 Ahead

2011 was a fantastic year. Thanks to all of you for being awesome members and providing amazing feedback. 2012 is looking epic with a lot of opportunities

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Perfect Pipe

This year has just been insane. Crazy Teahupoo and now Pipe is looking solid.

Not a marketing vid today guys, I will be staying all night watching the comp online. It is looking too GNaaarly ;-)

I am shooting some more Marketing strategy videos over the weekend, if you have any questions or want me to help out with something specific just let me know in the comments below. I review them all and reply to them all personally.

Talk soon


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